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A couple asked for a James Bond wedding intro at their Chateau des Charmes Wedding. We delivered.

Updated: Apr 23

Helicopters and Fireworks: How we answered a unique wedding request from one of our couples at Chateau des Charmes in Niagara-on-the-Lake

See how it came out in video!

The bride was going to arrive very, very soon. By helicopter. 

It was an overcast day at the charming Château Des Charmes Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. All the wedding guests had rushed to the parking lot, waiting impatiently for the Airbus H130 to land on the chateau's field. 

In her wedding dress and all, Sara was helicopter touring around the Niagara Falls—it’s a pretty fantastic tactic to get the nerves out, might we say.

bride in helicopter

Us videographers though, we were feeling a tad bit more pressure than usual. 

Pressure is normal when we’re filming. We need to make sure we’re getting the perfect shots at the perfect times. There’s nothing more soul-crushing than missing the wedding kiss or having the mic turn off during the speeches. This time, though, we really couldn’t miss the helicopter landing at the ceremony

To get the most coverage possible, we set up multiple tripods around the chateau-des-charmes wedding venue. This ensured we got various angles of the helicopter’s arrival. Meanwhile, a team member was up in the sky with the bride, getting birds-eye shots of the Falls and the venue. Now, it was just a matter of getting the timing right. 

chateau des charmes wedding venue

We were constantly back-and-forth communicating with staff members about the helicopter’s location. Soon enough, the helicopter arrived and it was time to get filming. The telephoto lens really came in handy, as we were able to get nice close-ups of the helicopter’s smooth landing. Out came the bride and bridesmaid with a smile, and, phew, we had gotten the perfect shot! Easily the coolest way someone has arrived at a wedding!

bride coming out of helicopter

The James Bond Intro 

Since the helicopter landing was a pretty adventurous choice, the couple thought it would be cool to have a James Bond-style intro for their wedding video. We were STOKED! There’s sincerely nothing more important to us than making a wedding video that’s special to the couple. We always talk to couples before and during the editing process so they can share what they want the video to look and feel like. Plus, we’re always up for fun challenges! 

At the very beginning, we wanted to emulate that classic spy cartoon look by using an iris-in transition. The couple’s emblem happened to fit in perfectly with the intro, too. 

The audio was also super important. We obviously needed the James Bond music, but we needed some sort of monologue to go over it. This can be tough since wedding speeches typically aren’t delivered in a movie-trailer voice (would be cool if they were!) but we found the wedding officiant's speech was an awesome fit. She truly has that perfect story-telling voice! 

We made some other tweaks in editing, like using a darker, sophisticated colour palette and including quick, dynamic shots. The couple was SO excited to see the final product; we’re happy it turned out just as they wished!    

chateau des charmes fireworks

Ending the night with a bang (fireworks)! 

Action and adventure aside, this wedding was so memorable. After the ceremony, guests were guided to the reception, which was held in the chateau’s outdoor tent space. Don’t be fooled by the word “tent,” as it was quite glamorous. The theme was really interesting—everything was black and white, down to the wedding cake! And there was lots of opportunity for guests to have fun, like the instant-print photobooth and the large dance floor.  

The fireworks were another instance where filming felt surreal. As giant sparks flew about in the sky, we held the camera at a slight upward angle, making sure that the dancing couple was the centre of attention. We were lucky the fireworks lasted quite a while, so we had some time to get the best shots! 

chateau des charmes wedding interior

Thank you, Sara & Graham! 

We had such an awesome time filming your wedding! Thank you for bringing us on the helicopter ride and giving us a chance to bring your adventurous ideas to life. You were both so fun to be around, and it was truly a motivator to see you get excited during the editing process! We wish you all the best in your future life adventures! Cheers!

Bright Idea Films Team


Planning, Florals, Stationary, Acrylics - Blush & Co.

Photography - Gemini Photography

Catering - Vintage Hotels

Dress - Kleinfelds

Tux Rentals - Moores -Vera Wang 

Rings - Tiffany & Co.

Hair - Sandra @ Hair Luxe Co.

Makeup - Honor Beauty 

Officiant - Maggie

Photobooth - Betty loo Photobooth 

Transportation - National Helicopters, Drivers Seat, Winery Tours of Niagara


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