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124 on Queen Wedding in Niagara-on-the-Lake | Hayley + Colin

Updated: Apr 23

124 on queen wedding ceremony

Last June, we had the pleasure of filming for Hayley and Colin at the 124 on Queen Hotel & Spa! We couldn’t have been happier to film in our hometown of Niagara-on-the-Lake, which also happens to be named one of the most beautiful towns in Canada. It was so satisfying to see the film come to life, and we have so much to share about the wedding! 

Let's talk about the venue

First of all, the venue was absolutely gorgeous. Situated right in the middle of Niagara-on-the-Lake Old Town, the 124 Hotel on Queen Hotel and the Gate House are the perfect size for an intimate wedding. Even outside of the venue, the town’s historic buildings, horse carriages, and quiet nature gave lots of opportunities to take the perfect shots.  Simply put, a wedding at 124 on Queen was the perfect choice!

The First Look at Queen’s Royal Park

The first look happened along the calm shores of Lake Ontario, just a walking distance away from the venue. This iconic spot is the perfect backdrop for such a sentimental moment. We were afraid the rain would come drizzling down on their moment, but the sky turned blue right then just for them! Even the geese seemed to be glad the rain stopped, as they quietly glided by, observing the charm of the soon-to-be-wed couple. 

bride and groom lake ontario

Ceremony at the NOTL Lounge

The ceremony took place at the NOTL Lounge, one of three wedding venues offered at 124 on Queen. During the spring and summer, the lounge provides an outdoor patio space with fountains, lush greenery, and a gazebo for wedding vows to be shared. The faint trickling of the water fountain, the gentle swish of leaves, and the quiet hum of the historical town gave the ceremony a beautiful ambiance. Not to mention the muted sniffling from the guests, too. 

124 on queen ceremony

There’s no denying that the flowers really transformed the patio into something magical. Flowers were laced into every nook and cranny of the ceremony space, done by the amazing Bloom and Co. And we can’t go without mentioning the wedding officiant, Debbie Van Dyk, whose smile never left her face. Her speech was impeccable, accompanied by her very own origami. She knew just what to say to get everyone grinning! 

debbie van dyk niagara wedding

Reception at the Gate House 

Right across from the lounge was where the reception was held. The Gate House is one of the most iconic structures of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Being one of oldest in town, the house still hones some of its original stone walls from hundreds of years ago. But don’t be fooled by age; the house has a pristine sculpture-like exterior and the inside is spotless! 

the gate house wedding venue

Reception was ‘simply the best’. Hayley’s brother did a boastful speech that really knew how to spring laughter throughout the room. A genuine happiness chipped about, and it wasn’t long before glasses were clinked, napkins got waved, and guests got dancing! 

dance at the gate house

As hard-working wedding videographers, we might be a little biased when we say that wedding food is always good food. Especially dessert. But hey, from the looks of it, I think Hayley and Colin enjoyed the wedding cake, too.

couple eating cake at the gate house

Why a wedding at the 124 on Queen Hotel is worth it

  • Rated one of the best for small wedding venues in Niagara-on-the-Lake 

  • Walkable distance from Lake Ontario and Queen’s Royal Park  

  • Beautiful and intimate outdoor space for summer/spring weddings and indoors for any season

  • Catering and packages available directly at the venue!

Thank you Hayley and Colin!

It was sincerely an amazing experience to film your wedding day. Colin, you and your family were so friendly and welcoming since our first shoot in the morning. You are such a smiley bunch! Hayley, your kindness is immeasurable. You made sure we felt comfortable and and put together amazing accommodations for us. Filming this wedding was an easy-going, smooth and enjoyable experience. We are so happy it came out as you envisioned!


Bright Idea Films Team


Flowers: Bloom and Co.

Wedding Officiant: Debbie Van Dyk at Cathy Davis & Company

Photographers: Krysta Lee and Kira from Niagara Wedding Photographers (Loverly Weddings)

Hair and Makeup: Beyoutiful Brides


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